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What We Do

Statement on Political Position

• Women Waging Peace recognizes the essential role and contribution of women as a valuable resource in preventing deadly conflict, stopping war, and sustaining peace in fragile areas around the world.

• Women Waging Peace supports the work of individual and collective groups of women working in peace-building capacities in areas of violent conflict and does not align itself with individual government leaders or the actions of their respective governments.

• Women Waging Peace works with a network of women activists, educators, health professionals, political figures, entrepreneurs, religious leaders and journalists who represent a wide variety of often opposing political views. With varied backgrounds, perspectives, and skills, our members bring a vast array of expertise to our network. Women Waging Peace supports the efforts of these women as they work for peace in their respective fields; it does not necessarily advocate the political views of network members.

• Women Waging Peace recognizes that even in situations of tragic wrongs committed on all sides of a conflict, women can be critical agents toward reconciliation.

What We Do
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